Casa Giorgi Park, Sunday October 17th 2010, 3pm

Next Sunday, October 17th, we’ll hold at 3pm at Casa Giorgi Park a ceremony of farewell to Silo. It will be a moment of tribute to the Master, of thanksgiving and inspiration for us all.

At the end of the ceremony we’ll gather in an agape. We ask everybody to bring food and drink to share.

Since we are waiting for many friends and the Park’s parking cannot contain many cars, it’s necessary to observe the following indications:

  • A member of the Commission will be present from 12.00 in the yard in front of the wooden bar of Nibbiano. We ask to stop there, to leave the car and use the shuttle service, or to fill the car before going up to the Park.
  • Only the first full 15 cars will be able to use the Park’s parking.
  • The people who will arrive later will have to leave the car at Nibbiano and use the shuttle until Roncaglie. From there another shuttle will carry to the Park the people with difficulty to walk. We ask all the others to reach the Park on foot.

For information or explanations, write to:

A strong hug and see you on Sunday

The Casa Giorgi Park Commission

Ceremony of Farewell to Silo

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