Dear friends,
with great joy we can finally announce that on may 30th 2020 will take place the inauguration of the Hall of Casa Giorgi Park of Study and Reflection, the fourth European Hall.
And the annual European Messengers Meeting will be held during the following two days, May 31st and June 1st.
We’re excited to share with all of you such an important moment in this process that Silo started.
Our Park is a small but big Park, built on top of a hill and surrounded by woods. It’s a charming place but it presents a few logistical challenges that we cannot underestimate.
Thus, in order to better welcome you, regarding food, transportation and accommodation, it would be really important for us to have the measure of how many friends will attend the event.
That’s why we’re asking you to fill out the pre-registration form at the link below not later than January 31st.
Please, contact for any information.
Thanks for your help.
Go to the pre-registration form

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